Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Weird is My Blog?

The beauty of spring... roses, hills, oceans...

And the "best" blog this side of the Redondo Beach pier!

Oh wow. Time for some good 'ole novel fun my wee friend. I hope you think this blog is weird. If you're someone at all that is... Because, as I say time and time again, no one reads this. Not on purpose anyway. And this fact fills me with much anguish. Sort of... sometimes... not really.

Ooh, look an elevator!

Hmm... I think today I'll insert random photographs, artfully of course, very tastefully, throughout the entry.

Alright, so down to 'the' business.
I'm tired...
Yeah, that's something else I like to say a lot. I like being repetitive. That way you'll always know what to expect when reading this and not be alarmed by things like oh I don't know FLOOOOBERBSFJKBDYANSLHFNKEJBFVNLBRYDSJNKLWFHBUNFNFLKJU*767ftghy
(Wait, there's more...)

No, the last part is not a phone number. So please don't try calling it. Actually screw that. Try calling it, I'm rather curious what will happen.
Maybe you'll dial 839-777-788994900 and then... crap that's too many numbers..
But if you're lucky you'll get that patronizing little computer voice on the other end...
"if you think you've received this message in error, please dial again".
Like duh, it's an error...
You just dialed a made up number you read on some freak's blog.
At night probably.
On the internet of all places!
You need help seriously.
Oh my god...

Yeah, like, um... that reminds me. I'm almost done with my MATH work. (Murderous. Aggravating. Terrorizing. Hell-work.)
Oh, I forgot to mention... I like making up creepy acronyms for shit too.
It's one of my favorite hobbies.
Which brings me to another point...
What the heck kind of a word is 'hobby' anyway?
What are you 'hobbing' exactly?
And yes, I am sort of aware that when I'm tired, bored, busy, frustrated, excited, all of or none of the above I begin random, lengthy, and peculiar internet rants about nothing in particular.
Isn't it marvelous?
<< Side note. The crazier the hair, the bigger the genius! (Just ask this guy...vvvv)

So... if you think my blog is weird, please read some of the other blogs out there today and reevaluate your opinion(s). I bet you one pack of diet seven-up that they are much more bizarre. Bizarrely more boring that is.. eesh!

Unfortunately, I don't have much time to research the world of creepy blogs, but I simply cannot be the creepiest! I try, but I just can't. It's too hard. And I don't like difficult things...
I like music . Oh right, I said that some other time probably. I know! I'll repeat my interests and 'hobbies' a bunch more times! I like quoting stuff too.
I was telling my cat Cali the other day about that song by Sea Wolf (whoever that is) that goes
"My mother always said, get out of town, you're a wolf". Or something...
I heard it on "The Loft" on the radio. I've probably f'd it up a bit though.
But you know what 'they' say. "You can't find the truth in a house of lies and you can't see tomorrow in yesterday's eyes."
I know I quoted that correctly! Putting things in quotation marks is fun!!!
BTW, if you can guess what that's from you get a cookie!
(Well actually maybe not because I don't really have any. But I do have some delectable salt free potato chips I may be persuaded to share...)

Ok, well whoever you are reading this thing that I probably won't even read back, by now you've either fallen into a coma from the lameness of reading my blog, discovered that you never want to have anything to do with me again, or decided that you DO like reading my blog. I'm terribly sorry if you've discovered the last one. Consistency is not important to me at all... I mean, some of the best things in the world are inconsistent. Like Vons produce! Or foreign electronics! Or the amount of hot water in my bathroom! Or concerts at the Arlington! Or global warming related weather patterns! Or fish smell at the Salton Sea! Or a conversation with ME!

Oops, I contradicted myself! At the beginning of this post, (if memory serves), I said that I'm repetitive and predictable! (did I say that right?) Oh whatever. Further proof that I should probably clean my desk, because it is covered in paper cut hazards. Having a lot of things to do in my life often makes it hard for me to remember the simplest things. Like a lot of school work, etc. often equates to forgetting to answer emails, drop things in the mail, finishing short films, or,
I dunno, like just organizing!

<<< awwww look at the siblings pretending to be normal!

Something I often remember on busy nights like that is this blog for some reason.
That doesn't happen very often anyway. Luckily for you...
I think I want this to be the longest blog ever. Yes! A marathon!
If people can sit through an entire "Harry Potter" movie without using the bathroom, or talk about Diablo Cody without upchucking, they can without a doubt read this entire eye strain inducing ramble.
I can barely spell inducing...
Ahhh, my eyes! They are straining!
Oh and for the record I hate Lenscrafters! They're... well... how to put this elegantly...
Sorry, I can't censor myself here.
They're fucking pricks. Ok! My brother needs glasses and they can't even work the eye tester thing. And they charge an arm and a leg for sunglasses!
Being the rebel that I am, I went down to Pac Sun and got lovely $15 shades instead of buying them from Lensbastards.
Anyway, I digress.

So today I also gave my "space speech" finally.
It went sort of well.
Ah, I love space for some reason.
I guess cause it's so beautiful and inspiring.
Whenever I think about space and look at the stars I feel inspired.
I write a lot of songs when I'm near starry skies.
That's something I want to do again.
I'm also trying to find a bit of time to make some more YouTube comedy shorts. That was fun.
And maybe actually work on my documentary or something.
Did I mention that?
I'm trying to make a film about this place. You know Southern California.
Yes, it's been done. But mine will include the fascinating world of community college! Cat hair, even!
Ick. This is getting old. Writing this, I mean.

Other news..
Spring break was fun.
I loved not being in school.
I saw Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder (not in the same night though.)
Springsteen was at Honda Center, huge place.
Vedder was at the Arlington in SB.
It was pretty fun. But weird.
Very weird...
And the opening act was shit.
I hope Liam Finn reads this so he knows that his was the only musical performance I have seen that I have actually covered my ears for.
And this is from me! I love bizarre music!

But he was terrible! I've heard better tunes coming from the static feedback on my pocket amp!
Vedder played some really good stuff though. He's a great guitarist. The drunken tripping audience just got old.

Oh and I went to Six Flags last week! I actually went on the 'big kid' rides! (Mostly due to peer pressure.)
I was pushed to go on roller coasters a few times. Literally. But it was really fun. So thanks guys for forcing me into something fun!
I know my terror was quite laughable! Haha.

Anyway, I guess it's time to post some random pictures!

Beautiful chewed up cigarette bits!

The 'rest' room. Who wants to rest in here?

Just the futility closet. Nothing odd about that.

Light in the lovely trees of Torrence... and yours truly at the wondrous-not-ghetto-at-all-beach-park of
San Pedro!

Ok! Time for sleeping!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Low-Tech, High-C

<<< That's what you get when you Google "Sodium Free". I know how curious we all were... and I hate to disappoint.

I didn't lie about writing in my blog! However, now that I have a bunch of midterms and stuff to do, after today I won't be back for quite sometime. Nevertheless, I decided to take a break from my scholarly deeds to procure another brilliant blog entry.

I nearly forgot that my final for my half semester political science class is this coming Wednesday, and so is a test for Psychology. (Great a test for a class I can barely spell the name of). Also, a lovely test for Speech! You'd think it would be easy. But you're actually supposed to memorize a bunch of "codes" for speaking properly in a "culturally diverse" society.

Culture can kiss my ass.

Meanwhile, my low-tech highly satanic Dell computer (Yes I did put Dell in italics), is working just splendidly. NOT.
I can barely burn a CD without it tiring out. (Which is bad because the CD duplication person is apparently in a coma and currently unable to do his job.)
Don't get me started on the internet...
But then again that could just be the all-too-predicable treachery my other favorite India based company, Verizon.

In other news...
Went, to the farmer's market yesterday.
So many lovely vegetables...
Yes, good times.
There were even mandarin oranges.
Now I will hopefully be getting enough vitamin C.
The grocery store is so evil.
I'm sorry people, a kiwi should be at least somewhat softer than a piece of granite. And possibly a tiny bit less bitter than bile.
Or not...
Thus shopping at the Farmer's Market has occurred.

Anyway, back to the exiting world of reality.
Which I dislike being a part of sometimes.
Like right now.

Stay sharp!

How come I don't get a f***in apple? Huh? School is full of crap. Remember that children! Full of krap! Wit a capital K!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Talk it if it Ain't Spoken

Dude OMG WTF. I tried to post a lovely post for you to read and blogger kept putting it in Hindi. Cool? How many Hindi speakies do I have who read this? When not even I can understand what I'm saying there's something wrong. Haha. It's Thursday. And you know what that means! Tomorrow is Friday. And you know what that means! (Can you tell me please?) Yeah, so I finished my work for the day. I was reading someone else's blog the other week and I was thinking, damn they write in their blog EVERYDAY? Wow. And they didn't even write anything particularly funny. Just stuff like:

"Today I bought some socks. Aren't they like so awesome? Anyway, I need to finish repainting the laundry room, ttyl."

And I was like... ooookay.
You got on the computer and sat down and actually took a moment to tell the world that you need to finish painting your laundry room. Weird.

Today is my mom's birthday. I guess this is a bit of a test to see if she reads this.


Can you hear me?


I found good seats for the Bruce Springsteen concert...


There's one for you...


I, uh, stole your pants.
And your credit card.


My brain has been abducted by space mutants!!!!


Ok. I guess not even my mommy reads my blog. And I thought she liked keeping track of my everyday life!

Oh well...

Anyway, I thought I would keep this blog updated a bit more often for some reason, like my blog frequenting friend.
(Which really means, I will post several times in a given week and then not at all for months or possibly years.)

I have to do an "informative speech" for speech.
But it can't be persuasive.
And it has to be 100% Politically Correct.
Screw that...

I was thinking of doing it on rock n' roll...
Or cucumbers...
Or maybe space.
You know like planets and stuff.
Because it's awesome.